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TB reporting PHACguidelinesform eng

Published on 02 Avr, 2015 by Beverly Knight

on behalf of Derek Scholten from PHAC
attached, for your use, a document that is also available on the Agency's

(See attached file: guidelinesform-eng.pdf)

It outlines the
national case definition for active TB as well as describing the issue of new
versus retreatment.  It will help explain why your comment,"pt has
had treatment before and still continues to be "active"
is not quite accurate.  The document also provides the ICD coding for TB.
 This document was provided (in it's then current version) back in the
requirements gathering stage of Panorama.   You'll notice that it also
provides a detailed description on how to fill out the paper version of the
reporting form including definitions of the various data elements.  Please
 that document is being suggested for the current
"stage" and "site" discussion only - future changes to the
actual content of the reporting form can not be ruled out.  Therefore,
when/if the CD working group goes into details beyond Stage and Site, we would
want to provide different materials at that time.

In terms of the
"new" versus "retreatment" concept and how to reflect it in
the coding, as was expressed on the last CD WG call, this concept is not one of
"stage" of the disease, nor even "classification".  It
is simply to do with the history of the disease for an individual.  For
clarity it would be best if this was not under "stage".
 However, I also recall hearing that there really isn't another 'good'
place to capture this information in Panorama.  I have asked my colleague
Victor Gallant t join me on the call in two weeks to be part of the
conversation.  We do know it is a balance with capturing important
concepts and being constrained with the fields available in a given health
information system, but it would be good to discuss this further.


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