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Update: Accessing Standards at Canada Health Infoway

As initially outlined in March, Infoway has been working to remove barriers and to encourage the increased use of eHealth standards and standards based materials. Starting in July 2015, no membership and/or fees are required for access to many of the standards and software tools that Canadian implementers are using to build digital health solutions. As examples, the following are all easily accessed via InfoCentral*:

  • SNOMED (international releases and Canadian extensions);
  • LOINC and pCLOCD;
  • pan Canadian HL7 standards (eg. CeRX, MR 02.05, CDA);
  • Message Builder, InfoScribe, HL7 Explorer and more.

* InfoCentral credentials (user name and password) and annual acceptance of the applicable standards licenses and terms of use agreements is required.

Improving access to standards, tools, clinical requirements, specifications and APIs are all part of the Clinical Interoperability Action Plan. For more information, get involved in our communities.

HL7 International

For those individuals or organizations that require access to or licenses for content managed by HL7 International, a fee will be required. If you participate in HL7 Workgroups and/or want to vote on HL7 ballots you will also require an up-to-date HL7 membership. Infoway will continue to co-ordinate the affiliate agreement with HL7 International on behalf of Canada, and will handle the applicable fees.

Fees payable to Infoway   Amount   Benefits

1)     Individual


  • Access to and use of HL7 international content, and
  • Voting rights on international HL7 standards
  • Management of multiple users associated with your organization
2)    Organization 


To ensure continuity of your HL7 International access, please make a payment prior to July 31, 2015 for the July 2015 to March 2016.

NOTE: After July 31, 2015, your access level will revert to that of an InfoCentral user if payment is not received.

For more information on accessing standards, please contact us.

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