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Imaging AI and Its Impact in Real Life

Groupe: Enterprise Imaging
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Vendredi, Septembre 23, 2022, 12:00pm - 01:00pm ET
par Jason Nagels

Artificial intelligence (AI) in diagnostic medical imaging has generated much excitement and promise in the Imaging Informatics field. AI has shown impressive accuracy and sensitivity in the identification of imaging abnormalities and promises to enhance tissue-based detection and characterization. 

How can we ensure that AI applications and solutions we procure are interoperable across other imaging solutions? How can we cut through the marketing “hype” and understand how AI in medical imaging will impact us?

This webinar features two speakers that will touch on considerations related to AI imaging in your practice.

First – Brad Genereaux, Global Lead for Healthcare Alliances at NVIDIA will walk through the IHE Radiology White Paper on ‘AI Interoperability in Imaging’. This will touch on what ‘AI in Imaging’ encompasses and provide a high-level view of the interoperability needs, problems, and challenges that must be addressed to achieve an ecosystem of interoperable products that support all the processes and tasks that makeup AI in imaging.


Second – Mark Cicero, Co-founder & Co-CEO of 16-bit, will provide an experiential review of providing AI solutions for healthcare providers.  We will explore questions such as: how AI concepts are evaluated, what are the requirements and technical expertise for implementing Imaging AI, what is involved in building a successful AI product, and much more.

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