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il y a 1 an 3 mois #8342 par Karen Greenfield
Hi. I'm seeking a mentor to guide a learning opportunity. I am hoping to complete an RNAO Advanced Clinical Practice Fellowship focusing on Data Standards and Analytics in Public Health to coincide with our Health Unit undertaking a project to improve our data collection, reporting and analysis. My goal is to study how informatics and eHealth can more effectively be implemented in a Public Health setting to enhance data quality and lead to better practice and client outcomes. This would also feed into better multidisciplinary outcomes for epidemiology, organizational reporting, and data transfer in provincial reporting requirements.

In order to do this, and receive funding from the RNAO to help backfill my position as I complete the work, there is a requirement that I find a mentor who is an RN with a minimum of Master's preparation who can help guide my learning.
My background in Informatics and Data Analysis is extensively informal, as I have spent years working in EMR implementations, end-user interface development, data mapping from user interface to report generation to allow accurate reporting analysis, and coaching health care teams in eHealth functions.

I'm hoping to be guided in the learning plan I will develop by a mentor with the knowledge and education to help me make a functional impact to the way we gather and use information. I have seen what appears to be a real gap in our Health Unit’s use of informatics.

The RNAO’s Fact Sheet for Mentors is at
If this is something you would be interested in helping me with, please let me know. If this is something that a colleague might be interested in, please forward my contact info.
Thank you for your time.
Karen Greenfield

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