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file Agenda for Health Analytics Launch : Sept 27 2pm-3pm ET

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il y a 5 ans 9 mois - il y a 5 ans 9 mois #4265 par Diane Gutiw
Welcome to those who have recently joined the new Health Analytics Community.

We will be launching the community in a webex on Sept 27th. You can add the event to your calendar from the Events for the Forum (click the calendar icon to the right of the post).

The Agenda for the launch session:

1. Introduction to the Co-Chairs:
- Diane Gutiw
- Finnie Flores
2. Overview on the Group's Vision and Objectives
3. Overview on the Approach for collaboration and sharing
4. Round Table Introductions
- your name
- your organization and role
- your interest in the community (what are you hoping to get from the group)
- potential topics for collaboration
5. Closing
Dernière édition: il y a 5 ans 9 mois par Diane Gutiw.

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Modérateurs: Linda MonicoFinnie Flores

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