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Groupes: 13
Personne-ressource: Lisa Hayes
Type: Approbation, Invitation
Accès: Public
Créé: 08/19/14
Location for collaboration on a specific topic or issue.


Identify, develop, ballot and publish standards for genomics informatics that may inform and influence the emerging personalized medicine world, along...
18 Members | Ouvert
Share experiences and resources on analyzing the abundance of data created by digital health solutions.
152 Members | Ouvert
The National Nursing Data Standards group’s goal is to increase the adoption and uptake of clinical data standards in Canada.
69 Members | Ouvert
Are you a clinician and a passionate digital health champion? Join this community to engage with like-minded peers and Infoway.
105 Members | Ouvert
Discuss and share updates, requirements, challenges, issues, solutions, presentations and work items related to health terminologies and classificatio...
339 Members | Ouvert
A group of change leaders, committed to being a source for leading edge change management information and tools to support the evolution of change man...
104 Members | Ouvert
Facilitates discussion and supports efforts to develop and implement effective clinical interoperability solutions to improve the coordination of care...
233 Members | Ouvert
Building knowledge and collaborating on public health solutions to improve the electronic sharing and use of immunization and communicable disease inf...
183 Members | Ouvert
Health care and health information professionals collaborating to improve information sharing between health care technology systems.
186 Members | Ouvert
Collaborate on topics with ISO/TC215, the ISO Technical Committee (TC) on Health Informatics.
115 Members | Ouvert
Keep up to date and get involved in the latest from HL7 International, the HL7 Canada Constituency, the HL7 Canada Council, and the pan-Canadian messa...
285 Members | Ouvert
A national medication management stakeholder community sharing knowledge, information and resources to promote medication safety practices.
349 Members | Ouvert
Expanding on Diagnostic Imaging to explore imaging topics across the healthcare enterprise beyond Radiology, such as wound care, dermatology, point of...
207 Members | Ouvert


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