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A group of change leaders, committed to being a source for leading edge change management information and tools to support the evolution of change management in health care.
174 members
Facilitates discussion and supports efforts to develop and implement effective clinical interoperability solutions to improve the coordination of care including consult, referral, case and transfer management.
301 members
Security experts working in healthcare or health solution providers sharing knowledge, information, and resources to promote security in healthcare, and safeguard Canadians’ personal health information.
61 members
Expand on Diagnostic Imaging to explore imaging topics across the healthcare enterprise beyond Radiology, such as wound care, dermatology, point of care ultrasound and digital pathology.
228 members
Collaborate on the various aspects of managing electronic referrals and consultations.
110 members
Dedicated to the discovery, definition and publishing of HL7® FHIR® Implementation Guides, Conformance, Profiles, Extensions and ValueSets serving the Canadian context.
373 members
Share experiences and resources on analyzing the abundance of data created by digital health solutions.
250 members
Discuss and share updates, requirements, challenges, issues, solutions, presentations and work items related to health terminologies and classifications (SNOMED CT, pCLOCD, etc.).
452 members
Keep up to date and get involved in the latest from the HL7 Canada Constituency, the HL7 Canada Council, pan-Canadian messaging standards, and HL7 International.
380 members
Responsible for fulfilling some of the obligations listed in the HL7 Affiliate Agreement with HL7 International. As such, membership in the group is closed to the elected members as specified in its Terms of Reference but participation is encouraged from the broader community.
15 members
Health care and health information professionals collaborating to improve information sharing between health care technology systems.
243 members
Collaborate on topics with ISO/TC215, the ISO Technical Committee (TC) on Health Informatics and SC1 Global Health and Genomic Informatics.
145 members
A national medication management stakeholder community sharing knowledge, information and resources to promote medication safety practices.
385 members
The National Nursing Data Standards group’s goal is to increase the adoption and uptake of clinical data standards in Canada.
94 members
Are you a clinician and a passionate digital health champion? Join this community to engage with like-minded peers and Infoway.
148 members
Collaborate on the various aspects of creating, distributing and consuming a health records summary for a patient.
236 members
Building knowledge and collaborating on public health solutions to improve the electronic sharing and use of immunization and communicable disease information.
250 members
Canadians working together to modernize Canada’s sex and gender information practices in digital health.
128 members
Explore how to incorporate social determinants of health (SDOH) concepts into digital health systems.
126 members

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Joignez-vous à un groupe de collaborateurs pour résoudre des problèmes d'interopérabilité.

Les priorités cliniques comprennent la gestion des médicaments, la gestion des maladies transmissibles, la coordination des soins


Collaboration constante sur divers aspects de l'interopérabilité comme la surveillance de la santé publique, l'imagerie diagnostique, etc.

Groupes de travail

Des responsables de l’implantation passionnés et des intervenants dévoués issus de divers horizons qui se regroupent pour répondre aux besoins recensés par le Comité directeur de l'interopérabilité clinique

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Groupes de travail

C’est dans ces groupes qu’on se relève les manches et qu’on fait le travail!


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