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Clinician Engagement Network
Are you a clinician and a passionate digital health champion? Join this community to engage with like-minded peers and Infoway.
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Are you a clinician and a passionate digital health champion? Join this community to engage with like-minded peers and Infoway.

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Rashaad Bhyat a lancé une nouvelle discussion dans le groupe Clinician Engagement Network
Hello everyone, Our forum has been a little quiet during the month of November. However, as the New Year approaches, we have a new opportunity for both clinician and non-clinician engagement relating to experiences with referrals and consultations. Please see the note below from the consultant team, and share with any colleagues who might be interested: Canada Health Infoway is undertaking an investigation to understand what challenges patients currently face with accessing specialty care, focusing specifically on the referral process between health providers and the consultation process between health providers prior to a referral. We would like to speak to health care professionals about their experiences with referral and consult processes, including those who have previously, currently or in the past used or implemented an electronic Referral (eReferral) or electronic Consult (eConsult) tool. We are hoping to conduct a 1-2 hour in-person interview or office shadowing to better understand success stories, pain points and workarounds professionals have developed to complete different types of referrals and consults. We are looking to talk to physicians, nurse practitioners, and other health care professionals (e.g., nurses, social workers, medical office managers/assistants) who: · Work in a busy primary care clinic coordinating many types referrals, or · Work in specialty areas coordinating referrals and/or consults (e.g., orthopedics, otolaryngology, gastroenterology, psychiatry/mental health, etc.), or · Have tried a new referral or consult process in the last 2 years, or · Have lived experiences and perspectives to share regarding the successes and pain points of the referral or consult process If you are willing to participate or if you personally know anyone who fits the above criteria, we'd like to ask you to fill out this short survey to qualify: The survey contains 10 questions, and will take 5 minutes to complete. The Deloitte team will review all survey responses and conduct additional screening to select participants that offer a diverse mix of perspectives based on known differences in experiences that influence adoption of referral and consult processes. Participants selected to participate in the in-person interview will be remunerated for their time with a $200 Visa prepaid gift card. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reply or email Hao at hyi Thank you!


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Opportunity for Engagement on Referral and Consultation processes 12/08/17
Hello everyone, Our forum has been a little quiet during the month of November. However, as the New Year approaches, we have a new opportunity for both clinician and non-clinician engagement relating to experiences with referrals and consultations...
PrescribeIT overview webinar - Tuesday October 31 10/17/17
Hi everyone, Check out this upcoming webinar on Canada’s national ePrescribing service, PrescribeIT, on October 31st. It should contain updates on the "go-live" sites, and more. ------- Advancing patient safety with PrescribeIT™ Date: Oc...
PrescribeIT and links to interactions 09/27/17
I understand that medications in PrescribeIT will be identified with a new code. Are there links between this code and reference data so that we can do drug - drug and also drug to condition? In my opinion, the ability to provide links between the m...
Opportunity for Physician Engagement - EMR Best Advice Guide 2.0 09/23/17
Hi everyone, The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) is partnering with Canada Health Infoway (Infoway) to offer family physicians a new guide on “Advanced and Meaningful Use of EMRs”. Topics will include the use of EMR data for qual...
Smart Devices and mHealth Study - Webinar - September 27 at 1pm 09/07/17
Please join us for this webinar on a landmark study relating to consumer use of mHealth and smart devices in Canada. Study Results: Diffusion of Smart Devices for Health in Canada Date: September 27, 2017 Time: 1:00PM-2:00 PM ET Complimentary a...
CMA Workforce Study Results - EMR Adoption at 85% 09/05/17
Canada’s only national inquiry with practicing physicians in primary and specialist practice - the National Physician Survey (NPS) - formally ended/was closed. To support annual planning and to fill the data gap, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA...
CCDD (Canadian Clinical Drug Data Set) 08/29/17
Infoway and Health Canada are working on a national drug library that allows clinically oriented prescribing, based on the non-proprietary/non-commercial active product. Information on this initiative, the CCDD (Canadian Clinical Drug Data Set),...
Canadian Prescribing Landscape Survey 2017 08/29/17
In case you missed it: Results of this national survey, conducted by Infoway in 2017, provide insight into prescribing and dispensing patterns across Canada, including Physician and Pharmacist perspectives on electronic prescribing (ePrescribing)...
Results from the 2017 National Survey of Canadian Nurses: Use of Digital Health Technology in Practice 07/19/17
The latest national survey of nurses on their use of digital health technologies in practice was released in May 2017. Commissioned by Canada Health Infoway (Infoway), Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) and Canadian Nursing Informatics Association (CN...
Virtual Visits - New Article in JMIR 06/29/17
Hello Community. This note is to bring your attention to new article published in JMIR on the topic of Virtual Visits and Patient Centered care Last summer, Infoway shared preliminary research findings on patient perspectives of virtual visits...
Workshop: The Importance of Trust for Older Adults Considering Intelligent Assistive Technologies 06/21/17
This event was posted by Gillian in the Event Calendar: Workshop: The Importance of Trust for Older Adults Considering Intelligent Assistive Technologies July 23, 2017, 1:00 - 4:00PM ET Toronto General Hospital. For more information and...
New Report Available: Citizens Vision for Better Health through Digital Solutions 06/20/17
In March 2017, Infoway held the Better Health Together Workshop, which brought together 34 citizen participants from across Canada to learn and share about digital health. Together, they created the .... The workshop confirmed our commitment to e...
Mingle and Meet with Canada's Informatics Leaders at eHealth! 05/29/17
Canada Health Infoway is hosting a special meet and greet reception specifically designed for Clinical Informatics Leaders in Health care. Stop by before the Gala on Monday June 5th, 2017 at 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm for a glass of wine and a light appetize...
Welcome to the Clinician Engagement Forum. 03/29/17
Hello early bird members. Happy to see you on board. Looking forward to generating meaningful discussion, dialogue and debate on worthy topics as this community grows. Please encourage your colleagues to join us. Over the next few days the presentati...


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