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Clinician Engagement Network

Are you a clinician and a passionate digital health champion? Join this community to engage with like-minded peers and Infoway.
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Are you a clinician and a passionate digital health champion? Join this community to engage with like-minded peers and Infoway.

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Call out for mental health providers in Ontario who document in an EHR 02/22/21

Ontario digital mental health researchers are looking to recruit mental health care providers across Ontario who document patient notes within an EHR, to participate in the “The OpeN Study”. More information is included below: https://onig.on.c...

Examples of physician engagement? 01/29/21

I totally agree that it does not take a village to accomplish a lot. The problem is that most physicians are stuck with what ever vendor they have and the vendors are not listening. In my experience vendors in their early days listen attentively and...

Examples of physician engagement? 01/29/21

I saw Rick Marshall ( evangalize the "golden pair"; a proven model of health software design where a clinician with deep understanding of needs pairs with a software designer with a deep understandin...

Examples of physician engagement? 01/28/21

Over the past 20 years there has been very little physician/clinician engagement. I have been involved with quite a few Infoway projects. There are only a couple of physicians that have continued to be involved over the years. It seems that most of t...

Digital Health Study seeking participants from Quebec - Nurses, Pharmacists, and Physicians ! 01/28/21

Interesting comment "The postings in this community have been quiet recently," I feel that this has been a major problem in that it is extremely difficult to get physicians to participate in any sort of discussion about computer based patient recor...

Digital Health Study seeking participants from Quebec - Nurses, Pharmacists, and Physicians ! 01/28/21

Hello everyone, The postings in this community have been quiet recently, but I'm hoping there will be more engagement opportunities to share in 2021. If you or a friend/colleague are a practicing nurse, pharmacist, or physician in the provinc...

Going Virtual in a Time of Crisis - Virtual Care resources for Canadian Physicians 03/31/20

Greetings, This post links to a brief article about virtual care, specifically about supporting Canadian physicians and other clinicians as we shift rapidly towards a "virtual first" model of care, in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic. https:...

Canada Health Infoway - Stakeholder Survey 12/03/19

Canada Health Infoway is undergoing a ‘digital property evaluation’ to ensure we meet the needs of our stakeholders. We would appreciate it if you can participate in this short survey, to help us better understand your needs and expectations as i...

Clinician Engagement Opportunity - Digital Health Terminology Standards 11/19/19

Good afternoon, Canada Health Infoway is seeking Clinicians who have an interest in digital health terminology standards, to provide subject matter expertise for a period of 12 months in a part-time capacity. We are seeking people from a wide var...

Giving “Voice” to Patients through the Power of Big Data Science - CNIA Webinar 11/15/19

Members of the clinician community may be interested in this upcoming Canadian Nursing Informatics Association (CNIA) webinar, open to CNIA members. Sally Remus, RN and PhD candidate, presents a primer on big data science in nursing and how it can...

PrescribeIT® Mobile ePrescribing Solution REOI (Request for Expressions of Interest) 10/03/19

Canada Health Infoway has issued a Request for Expression of Interest (REOI) for a Standalone solution to complement the core, EMR-integrated offering, and further expand the PrescribeIT® electronic prescribing service in Canada. Infoway is invi...

We want to hear from you ! PrescribeIT Opioid Consultation – Open to input until July 8, 2019 06/26/19

... is Canada's national electronic prescribing service, EMR-integrated and now live in 3 provinces. PrescribeIT™’s Opioid Working Group is comprised of patient and family advisors, physicians, pharmacists, nurses, regulators, policy leaders and...

Can new Digital Health tools change prescribing patterns in NL ? 02/26/19

CBC News reports on new technologies being tested in Newfoundland and Labrador, that may help reduce the high rate of misuse and over-prescribing of potentially harmful medications including sedatives, narcotics, and antibiotics. Among them are a...

Upcoming Webinar: How does PrescribeIT™ Work in an Electronic Medical Record and Pharmacy Management System ? 02/26/19

Join me and Seema Nayani, Pharmacist Leader, PrescribeIT™, to learn about: • The benefits of incorporating e-prescribing into your family practice or pharmacy • The features that make PrescribeIT™ the ideal e-prescribing ser...

read this iPolitics Opinion: No silver bullet solution to opioid crisis, but health care system can make strides 02/20/19

Infoway’s director of PrescribeIT Medication Services, Tanya Achilles, recently penned a great opinion article in iPolitics. While acknowledging that there is no "silver bullet" to the opioid crisis, she argues that modernizing how prescription m...


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