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IHTSDO SNOMED CT Browser Videos & FAQs Available


Infoway created two videos and an FAQs document which will assist both new and existing users of SNOMED CT to get up and start utilizing the new IHTSDO On-Line Browser for SNOMED CT.

Take a look around and spend your time where it matters most: on your implementation rather than learning a new tool.

SNOMED CT Online Browser Synopsis

This video provides general information about the IHTSDO SNOMED CT on-line browser, including minimum browser requirements, licensing, default views, display language and properties.

SNOMED CT Online Browser Use Cases

The following video provides use cases that focus on the most common scenarios when browsing the defaulted values of the International version of SNOMED CT.


Read the IHTSDO SNOMED CT Browser Frequently Asked Questions on InfoCentral Wiki (login required)

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