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TOPIC: Download Package for HL7 Intl Jan 2021 Ballot Cycle Now Available

Download Package for HL7 Intl Jan 2021 Ballot Cycle Now Available 2 months 1 day ago #6544

Hello HL7 Intl Canada Community:

The ballot documentation and comment spreadsheets for the upcoming HL7 Intl Jan 2021 Ballot has been posted here on InfoCentral.

In this compressed folder (ZIP file) there is an Excel file that acts as an index to the ballot package and the corresponding comment spreadsheets for each ballot item.

Simply expand the compressed folder to a drive:/folder of your choice. Open the Excel file to find the list of items. Each item has a hyperlink to take to you either the ballot content online, or to content included in the folder.

To provide comment on a specific ballot item in the spreadsheet, click on the hyperlink to the comment spreadsheet hyperlink in the same row as the item. This will open an Excel Spreadsheet specific to the ballot item. Each spreadsheet includes good explanations on how to use the file, including your recommendation for balloting: Affirmative (with different flavours), Negative (with different flavours), or Abstain. Once you have made your comments, please save the comment spreadsheet with your name as a suffix or prefix, and forward that file by e-mail to standards{atsymbo}

Thanks for your interest in HL7.

Ron G. Parker, HL7 Canada Affiliate Chair.
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